Cryo Diffusion Today and Tomorrow

Over the past few years Cryo Diffusion has grown both horizontally and vertically in all markets, seeing turnover grow by more than 80% in just the last 4 years. Cryo Diffusion has experienced robust sales of existing product lines and growth of new product lines that deliver to increasingly demanding customer requirements and higher specifications.

Since the beginning, Cryo Diffusion has had a strong focus on manufacturing expertise and delivering innovative products to satisfy customer requirements. With several key product lines Cryo Diffusion has been the first manufacturer on the market, to design and create “cutting edge” equipment that is market ready and aligned to customers’ expectations and applications. A recent example, would be the futuristic Deliza cryogenic fountain, conceptualized by the client and developed and manufactured by Cryo Diffusion. The cryogenic fountain brings to reality the idea of cryogenic cooking, with the ability to preserve the texture, flavour and nutritional value of food – it’s a new innovative product that conceivably could be introduced into many kitchens, hotels and restaurants of the future.

The Research and Development function at Cryo Diffusion  is another key function. This department has the resources and expertise to develop new products from concepts to completion, working closely with customers in many disciplines to provide an engineered solution to a new application. Unlike our competitors, new products can be developed from a simple concept or existing products can be re-engineered to meet the customers specification.

With its wide product range, Cryo Diffusion should be considered as the single source for many customer’s cryobiological storage requirements and can also take on responsibility for complex turnkey projects, such as complete cryobank installations.

Along with the strength of innovations of traditional markets, Cryo Diffusion has seen expansion into new geographic markets . Over 60% of the products manufactured by Cryo Diffusion in France are exported throughout the world – the additional manufacturing capability in India, will enable Cryo Diffusion to cater to customers in the Far East and Indian sub-continent, offering a competitive advantage and satisfying customer demands in both mature and emerging markets.

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