Our History

Cryo Diffusion, founded in October 1965, developed a small range of stainless steel super-insulated containers for the cryopreservation of biological samples which played a crucial role in the development of the emerging bovine artificial insemination sector.

Cryo Diffusion has kept true to its core activity (design and manufacture of cryogenic tanks and transfer lines), but has significantly upgraded its product range and manufacturing techniques based on technological advances and market demand globally. Innovation has played a key role in the history of the company, fully automatic tank filling systems tanks were developed, providing intrinsic safety for the biological samples being stored and greater safety and ease of use for the operator. Cryo Diffusion also adapted its products further to support scientific developments, in assisted reproductive technology.

The company’s perspective and growth in international markets has always been fundamental to its development and part of the DNA of this traditional cryogenic manufacturing company. Cryo Diffusion has developed its presence in many international and emerging markets and has made inroads in several key markets including South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Since 2001, Cryo Diffusion has been part of the VRV Group which is headquartered in Italy. The VRV Group is a multinational corporation, specialising in the design and manufacture of pressure equipment,  encompassing approximately 400 employees spread over 8 countries and 2 continents with 6 manufacturing facilities between Italy, France and India and commercial offices in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, India (Mumbai), Malaysia and Brazil.

Cryo Diffusion Timeline

1965 Started manufacture of small stainless steel tanks (transportable) mainly for artificial insemination market and used for import and export of bovine semen
CF and SD series were introduced for long term cryopreservation of biological samples
1971 Evolution of the aluminum range (liquid Nitrogen dewars & storage containers for cryobio samples)
Developed the range of Liquid helium dewars (up to 1000 liters)
1968 Developed the transportable storage tanks for liquefied gas (up to 6000 liters)
Introduced super insulated vacuum lines for liquefied gas transfer
1973 Developed and manufactured Cryostats for CERN, CEA, CENG
1976 Moved into new industrial buildings (of 3000 m2)
Produced a compression station for filling gas bottles from liquid Nitrogen
1977 Introduced offshore transportable tanks in framework, fully approved for applications in oil and gas
1980 Produced super insulated storage tanks (up to 43,000 liters)
1982 Multi-line screen for super insulated with liquid Helium
1990 Introduced the BF2000 storage container with fully automatic filling
1998 Completed it’s first Cryobank project for a hospital in France
2007 Developed Valves Box for Helium distribution
2008 Development of the Eagle system for supervision and traceability Cryobank
2009 Developed the Cryocyl range of high-pressure liquid cylinders for cryogenic gas use
2011 Completed major project – a delivery system for helium liquefaction unit
Cryo Diffusion S.A.S - Capital €1.525.000 -, R.C. EVREUX 2000 B 00404 - SIRET 334 225 034 00019 - APE 2529 Z