Helium vacuum insulated lines and valve boxes for CRYO DIFFUSION

Helium production capacity from the project is expected to be 38 million m3 of helium per year. Established in 1965, CRYO DIFFUSION designs and manufactures the full range of vacuum super-insulated cryogenic equipment for liquefied gases for international projects.

The company is a leading supplier of products for long-term cryo preservation of biological samples and offers a complete CryobankManagement System. All the products are manufactured in France of Léry, Normandy and over 70% of the products are exported globally. Since 2001, CRYO DIFFUSION is part of the VRV Group, a leading multinational corporation with expertise in the design and manufacture of highly engineered pressure equipment for the cryogenic, chemical, petrochemical and power industries.

Cryo Diffusion S.A.S - Capital €1.525.000 -, R.C. EVREUX 2000 B 00404 - SIRET 334 225 034 00019 - APE 2529 Z