Automatic Filling for Dewar (CAN)


Automatic Filling for Dewar (CAN)

LN2 filling-shutdown control board may be adapted to:

“Open-necked” containers (B2000 – L2000 – CT/R) XRP (a dipping pipe is inserted in the container).

“Pressurized” containers (RBP 120 – 200 – 450 – 600 – CT/R with TS head, XRP with TAP head) (The temperature sensor is adapted to the container’s vent).

automaticcan1 automaticcan2

CAN Automatic Filling can automatically stop the filling of a container and thus avoid untimely overflowing and its consequences. A sensor placed at the container’s vent detects the temperature of the exhaust gases. The electronic control board shuts down the mains supply circuit of the filling solenoid valve at a given temperature. To start filling once again, press the push-button to reset the control board.

Should the detecting sensor be out of order, the unit secures itself and shuts down the main supply circuit of the solenoid valve. The control board is planned to fill 2 containers simultaneously. Each filling line has its own detection electronics and is therefore totally independent of the other line.

Compliant with protection directive 89/336/CEE ″Electromagnetic Compatibility″.

In compliance with EN550022, ENV 50140, EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-4 standards.



  • On/off switch with signal light
  • LN2 signal light (high level) – 1 per line
  • Power supply signal light – 1 per line
  • Solenoid valve opening-switch – 1 per line
  • Solenoid valve closing switch – 1 per line




  • 220V/50 Hz sector connector
  • Sector fuse
  • 220V/50 Hz – 10 W solenoid connector – 1 per line
  • Solenoid-valve fuse – 1 per line
  • DIN sensor plug – 1 per line
  • Ohmic value setting of the resistor controlling the closing temperature of the solenoid valve


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