Dry Phase Freezers


The Dry Phase storage solution designed and patented by Cryo Diffusion is a unique solution to provide safer storage conditions for the samples and to offer greater safety for the operator. The samples (rack or canisters) are placed inside a sump (dry section) which is fixed inside the cryogenic vessel and immerged into liquid Nitrogen. The dry sump is specifically designed to fit to the inventory system being used inside the vessel (racks or canisters), ensuring that the samples are always maintained at -195°C to -185°C, even if the lid has been accidentally left open for several hours.




The Dry Phase solution allows the samples to be maintained at cryogenic temperatures with the minimum amount of temperature variation compared to traditional Gas Phase storage conditions offered by other manufacturers. The samples stored also have no contact with liquid Nitrogen avoiding any possible risk of cross contamination and also the design is intrinsically safe for the operator and there is minimal risk of cold burns compared to other storage solutions. This technology was introduced by Cryo Diffusion since 1987 and has proved to be superior to other systems on the market and (over time), will replace traditional Liquid and Gas Phase storage systems for critical cryogenic storage.


Model Number Quantity of Vials (2ml) Number of goblets for straws Quantity of blood bags: DF700 Contruction Type
BR2048 600 6 BR series Vapor phase image6
BR2100 3000 24
BR2150 4800 72
BR2200 6000 72
LO2075 3000 36 12 LO series Dry phase image7
LO2200 7000 120 48
LO2250 9100 150 48
BF2110 4400 ? 24 BF series Dry phase image8
BF2350 19500 ? 120
BF2600 39200 ? 264
CD45 1200 18 image5
CD60 2700 27 12
CD90 3300 36 24
CF170 5700 132 72 image9
CF230 13200 320 168
CF320 16000 416 264
CF350 19200 520 264
CF400 13800 489 132
SD600 35750 760 408  Vaporphase image10
SD1000 48000 1024 744
SD1200 62400 1280 744
SD1500 77000 1470 864
SD1850 97500 1998 1008


All these tanks can be equipped with an electronic controller S170 for automatic filling, liquid level and temperature control, with local and remote alarms and connection RS485 for cryobank supervision.

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