Cryo Controller S170-S170-10


LN2 Level and temperature Control System: the perfect candidate to build a truly automated system in cryogenic storage applications.
The PLC S170 is designed to monitor and control the level of liquid nitrogen (LN2) and read the temperature of a cryogenic tank with advanced electronic technology.
The device is connected to the power supply and to input/output components (LN2 Solenoid, sensors, switches CAP) and determines the operation of the cryovessel.

The main functions of the device are:

  • Detection of liquid nitrogen level
  • Measure of temperatures (sampled on two different points)
  • Display of temperatures, level and alarms on LCD with back light > Automatic filling procedure: on low level / high temperature
  • Manual filling procedure
  • Alarms detection and control
  • LID status (with defog, fast freeze, time-out lid alarm)
  • Hot gas by pass function (option)
  • Remoting of all the device functions with RS485 serial protocol
  • Comprehensive function keypad to simplify operations
  • Up to 4000 data recorded with programmable interval
  • Up to 400 events recorded
  • Connection to Real Monitor Software to get the data stored
  • Synchronization of the automatic filling of several dewars


  S170 S170-10 (light)
Language ENG, FR, IT ENG, FR, IT
Temperature unit °C / °F °C / °F
Clock Date & hour
Temp. probe A
Temp. probe B Optional
Temp. A HI / LOW alarm
Temp. B HI / LOW alarm Optional
Low level alarm
Output; choise of 16 alarms
gas-bypass Optional
battery-backup Optional
Open lid alarm With lid switch option
Defog function With lid switch option
Fast freeze function With lid switch option
Daily filling
Filling sequential/parellel
Internal memory
RS485 interface


S170 Real Monitor Control and Supervision software for S170 CryoControllers

The S170 REAL MONITOR software has been specifically designed to provide full control and supervision of the S170 CryoControllers.

A single PC can control up to one, two or three S170 cryo-container controllers via a licence on a USB key.

To suit the needs of modern cryobanks, the S170 REAL MONITOR not only lets you analyze the current state of the controlled cryo-containers,but also displays the temperatures at which the biological samples are stored in real time.
As time passes, all the values are stored in the PC hard disk to allow further analysis in datasheet or graphic format.



The CRYO DIFFUSION S170 device is a Medical Device complying with the European Directive 93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC, identified in class IIa.


The device is composed of two different units:

  • The base module is connected to the power supply and to the I/O components (LN2 valve, probes, LID switch) and determines the operation of the vessel.
  • The terminal operator is used to display the data concerning the temperatures, the level and the alarms.

It is also used during the set-up procedure to program the parameters and the functions of the electronic equipment. The terminal operator is connected to the base unit by using a simple twisted cable and it is typically mounted on the front side of the vessel or inside the same box of the base unit.


  • Battery back-up system that guarantees up to 24 hours without main power. The battery pack is automatically charged by the base module.
  • Hot gas by pass: When long transfer lines are used, this function is available to reduce the boil off of LN2 inside the vessel during the filling procedure. This feature can be selected in the software during the installation.

The S170 unit can be simply connected to a S300.smartPLC device by using an RS485 (or RS422) bus and with other S170 devices. The S300.smartPLC is able to control and monitor a typical cryogenic bank composed by several vessels supplied by a common or different LN2 pipe line (up to four) in order to offer many options to supervise a complete cryobank.

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 230V~ (option for 115V~)
  • Power: 40W (max)
  • Battery back-up: 2 x battery 12V 2,3A/h (optional)
  • Battery charger: on board – Electronic control: 16 bit microcontroller with flash memory
  • Events store method: EEPROM on board
  • Terminal operator: displays 2 rows X 16 char, back light, 8 keys
  • Temperature: 2 X PT100 probes ( ProbeA e ProbeB )
  • Temperature range: +35°C -230°C, accuracy +/- 0,2 °C
  • Temperature unit: Celsius (C), Fahrenheit (F)
  • By pass valve: 24V DC or AC (selectable by jumper on board), 10W max
  • By pass probe: PT1000
  • By pass range: +35°C -230°C (accuracy: +/- 0,5 °C)
  • Level control type: on-off
  • Level control valve: 24V DC or AC ( selectable by jumper on board ), 10W max
  • Level measurement: Standard: 4 X PT100 probes mechanically adjustable: low level alarm, fill on, fill off, high level alarm. Extended option: 6 X PT1000 probes mechanically adjustable: low level alarm, fill on, mid low, mid high, fill off, high level alarm
  • Level unit: percent (%), millimeters (mm), inches (in)
  • Temperature display: LCD on front panel
  • Level display: LCD on front panel
  • Alarm display: LCD on front panel, red LED
  • Filling display: on front panel, yellow led
  • Acoustic alarm: buzzer on front panel
  • Alarm muting: key “MUTE”, function activated for 15’ max
  • Real time clock: on board, with battery back up
  • Automatic fill function: always active
  • Manually fill function: key “FILL” on the terminal operator
  • LID input: external switch
  • Output generic alarm: relay N.O. and N.C. contacts
  • Output 1 and 2: programmable with multiple function relay N.O. and N.C. contacts
  • Languages: messages with translation up to 6 languages. Actual implementation: Italian, English, French.
  • Remote control: by using RS485 (RS422) interface all of the S170 functions can be remoted and used by an external PLC (seeS300.smartPLC)


Available with most of the cryovessels of CRYODIFFUSION:

SD 2000 series/ CF series / LO series / BF 2000 series / BR 2000 series / B2048



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