Electronic Device: DEN and ITN





All containers can be equipped with an electronic level detection sensor (DEN) and/or a temperature indicator of the samples stored in the vapour phase.

Both systems can be used together.




DEN – Low level alarm
Early warning system for refilling required with liquid nitrogen


The probe tip of the level alarm can be placed at the desired level, but generally it is positioned at half the height of the rack or canisters when storing in liquid phase.
In case of vapour phase storage, it will be positioned at 5cm from the bottom.


When the probe tip is immersed in liquid nitrogen, the light is green. When the probe tip is no longer immersed, the red LED blinks and an audible alarm will sound. The alarm can be remoted via a potential freecontact
A power adaptor 230/12V is included.



ITN – Temperature indicator
Temperature indication inside the cryo storage containers


The probe tip of the temperature indicator is positioned at the level of the highest sample in the vessel. Typically it is positioned at the top curve of the inner vessel.




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