Dry Shippers


The family of dry shipper containers is designed for use in biology, livestock breeding, research and medical fields and enables shipping of samples, straws or cryovials for transport in dry safe conditions. Risk of outflow of liquid nitrogen is restricted by the presence of an absorber placed in the inner vessel, which also ensures the integrity of biological samples in straws, cryovials and blood bags. The units are manufactured according to the highest European quality levels (IATA conformed), to protect your valuable samples during transport, in safe conditions for both users and transporters.


Model Number Liquid Nitrogen Capacity Quantity of Vials (2ml) Number of goblets Diameter of canisters Number of canisters and number of levels
BS2002 2 L 190 1 Ø 32×120 1×1 dryshipper
BS2004 5,2 L 1640 1 Ø 66×270 1×1
BS2024 canisters 24 L 17220 3 Ø 70×380 7×3
BS2024 Rack/vials 24 L 700 vials 1 rack
BS2024 Rack/bags 24 L 18DF700 1 rack
Data Logger  Temperature recorder during transport datalogger



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