Cryogenic Cooking


Why and how to cook with liquid Nitrogen

The idea of using liquid Nitrogen in food is not actually new; there are reports of ice cream being made with it in the 1800s. But in recent years, more and more innovative chefs are now using liquid Nitrogen in their kitchen – for exciting and colourful preparations of food and drink…

Freezing with liquid Nitrogen has long been established as the best way to preserve the taste, texture, colour and nutritional value of foods especially for delicate products, with low mechanical resistance (such as shrimps, raspberries, strawberries) or for those products that can change their appearance during freezing (such as chicken, mushrooms, shellfish).

Ice cream and sorbets are typically the first things that people make with liquid Nitrogen. Theoretically, it should be the best you can make because the mixture freezes very quickly – and the quicker the freeze, the smaller the ice crystals, and the smoother the texture of the ice cream or sorbet.


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And there are many other fantastic liquid nitrogen applications that can be used in every-day cooking: By dipping, you can turn fresh herbs into powder preparation, or separate citrus fruits and raspberries into jewel-like pieces that can be used for decoration and freeze chocolate bouchées to make liquid centred treats…


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But as a note of caution, liquid Nitrogen is at -196°C and requires the appropriate equipment so that it can be used easily and safely with minimal risk to the operator. For this reason Cryo Diffusion associated with the company Deliza ( have designed and developed the first fully portable and easy to cryogenic fountain (available with many accessories) for cryogenic cooking and complemented this in the kitchen by simple hand held devises such as the Liquid nitrogen sprayer Mini Cryo.


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