Liquid Nitrogen Fountain Deliza





The ergonomic and safe solution for professional, cryogenic cooking

Cryo Diffusion is proud to be associated with Deliza ( the designer of the unique and highly efficient equipment, the liquid nitrogen fountain, for safe cooking with liquid nitrogen. This device has been designed for the chefs and restaurants that want to offer the best possible cryogenic cooking “experience” to their clients. Ergonomics, efficiency, safety and ease of operation – have been given special attention in the design of the cryo fountain. The Deliza allows exact quantities of liquid Nitrogen to be dispensed easily and safely under the protection of a removable transparent Perspex dome, by use of a foot operated pedal, so the chef can operate the equipment easily, safely and totally hands free.

The device includes a stainless steel super insulated 30L Dewar compliant with PED 97/23 CE and provides a long autonomous running time. It has an integrated pressure building circuit with pressure regulator which allows the cryo fountain to be quickly ready for use (at anytime) and immediately after filling with liquid Nitrogen. A liquid withdrawal spring return actuated valve is operated by a foot pedal. The removable stainless steel top tray can also be used directly for cooking and preparing food and also protects the valves and the equipment below.



  • Top of the Cryo Fountain:
    • Spherical Plexiglas cover protection (Pict 1)
    • Removable stainless steel cover can be use as a cooking tray (Pict 2)
    • Withdrawal pipe can be move down 15cm to spray liquid nitrogen close to the surface of the cooking tray or to make transport easy. It can also be turned 90° in order to fill a Dewar placed at the side of the cryo fountain. (Pict 3)
  • Stainless steel Dewar:
    • Volume total: 30L, useful: 28,5L (net)
    • Safety pressure relief valve set at 1,5b
    • Normal evaporation rate: 4,3%/day
    • Pressure building device with pressure regulator allowing the pressure to be set 0,5b to 1,3b
  • Nitrogen Withdrawal device:
    • Withdrawal spring return actuated valve with foot pedal. (Diagram 4)
    • Venting valve
    • Manometer
    • Filling connection BSW 3/4’
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 1300 mm
    • Depth: 360 mm
    • Width: 420 mm
  • Weight:
    • Empty: 32 kg
    • Full: 54 kg
  • Options, Service and Accessories
  • Liquid level gauge
  • Cryogenic – cooking accessories
  • Recipe book / preparations
  • Training and demonstrations


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