Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer Mini Cryo




How does it work?

The Cryoskin is a small stainless steel container (vacuum insulated) and able to hold ¼ L liquid Nitrogen for a few hours. It is very easy to use and self pressurised to 0,2 bar, it allows the user to carefully spray liquid Nitrogen in a small quantity, as part of a food preparation. There are 6 spray tips supplied with the machine, that allows the user to create different freezing techniques and to produce different visual effects, during the cryo-cooking.
It can be re-filled easily and directly by using the cryogenic fountain – the Deliza or using the L2025 Dewar with simple withdrawal device and support.

  • Useful capacity: 0,250L
  • Weight Empty: 0,5kg
  • Weight Full: 840 g
  • Diameter: 63 mm
  • Holding time: 11 hours
  • Accessories: Spray tips & filling funnel



In order to have a liquid nitrogen storage container at your disposal so the Cryoskin can be filled easily and safely in the kitchen – we also offer the following:

  • Liquid Nitrogen withdrawal device
  • Dewar type L2025 (25 liters LN2)
  • Cryoskin 2 base unit (as shown)
  • Simple foot operated air pump



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