CRYO DIFFUSION offers a full range of hand-held Liquid Nitrogen spray delivery systems which includes tips, probes and portable liquid Nitrogen storage dewars, specifically designed for use by the doctor, dermatologist, podiatrist and vet.

With the CRYOSKIN and DERMACRYO range, CRYO DIFFUSION has the products and expertise to service the doctor, dermatologist and podiatrist. These easy-to-use hand held devices are all that are required for successful skin treatment, such as wart, skin tag and verrucae removal. The CRYOSKIN can be used to spray liquid Nitrogen directly onto the skin or a contact probe can be used to bring about effective cryogenic cauterization of the common
benign skin lesion.

All the units are made in France and manufactured according to the highest quality control standards and all devices are designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE.

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