Dewars, Liquid Cylinders and Tanks

CRYO DIFFUSION manufactures a wide range of pressure vessels suitable for the storage and transportation of liquefied gas. This range includes low pressure vessels for laboratories, high pressure vessels for industrial use and high capacity road transportable units: 1.5 to 37 bar and from 30 to 6000 Liters, all designed tested and manufactured in accordance with Europeans standards (PED/TPED). With custom designs for specific projects.


L Series Storage and transport of small quantities of liquid nitrogen and fitted with the NW50 flange. L2000
Static Use They are designed to store liquid Nitrogen and to allow the operator safely and easily withdrawal liquid Nitrogen from the vessel under low pressure. xrp_t
Mobil Use This range of cryo cylinders are designed for mobile use and can be transported full of liquid Nitrogen by road or rail whilst complying fully with European Transport Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED) CRYOSTOC_t
Delivery Unit This range of cryo cylinders are designed for mobile use and are made for delivery with a practical access to the plumbing which is set on the side of the tank. Cryotrans_t
Medium and High Pressure for Gas Use The medium and high pressure range of cryo cylinders includes an integrated Pressure Building Unit (PBU) and a vaporizer in order to deliver gas with high pressure. image29


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