This range of cryo cylinders are designed for static use, but can be easily handled inside the laboratory with liquid Nitrogen inside, using a sturdy roller base or custom designed trolley. They are designed to store liquid Nitrogen and to allow the operator safely and easily withdrawal liquid Nitrogen from the vessel under low pressure.


Model Number Volume Material Pressure Liquid Withdrawal System  
L2005 2 L Aluminium Atmosphere Pouring from the dewar image15
L2005 5 L
L2012 12 L
L2025 25 L Stainless steel 0,5 b With an electrical pump* or mobile head connected to the NW50 type flange
L2035 35 L
L2050 50 L
XRP 30 L Stainless steel 1,5 b With mobile head and integrated PBU included image16
60 L
120 L


120 L Stainless steel 3,9 b With fixed head and integrated PBU included image17
200 L
600 L


Accessories for L2000 series and cryocylinders


MP and CP Electrical pump For L2025 (with flange), L2035 and L2050 image18
TN and TS Mobil Head For L2025 (with flange), L2035 and L2050 image19
INJC1 Capacitance Level Gauge with level display in % and 4-20 mA signal For L2000 and XRP series equipped with mobil head and for all Cryo Cylinder Cryo Diffusion. image20
Flexible hoses image21



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