Electric Pump for Cryogenic Dewar

Electric Pump for Cryogenic Dewar

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CRYO Electricalpumps

CRYO Electricalpumps Easy and safe way of filling dewars with small quantities of LN2



MP pump Hand-controlled: press the head to get liquid. Supplied with hose and phase separator


CP pump: fitted on NW 50 flange of LN2 dewar. Supplied with insulated hose and phase separator

MP and CP pumps

  • Zero pressure when not in use
  • No spilling, noise or vibrations
  • The reservoir dewar can safely stand next to your working place
  • Liquid nitrogen can be obtained by either pressing the MP pump head or by clicking the CP pump head on the dewar

NW50 flangeconnected

  • Liquid nitrogen flow stops immediately when the pressure on the MP pump headis released or when CP pump is unlocked from NW 50 flange
  • The Pictures show electrical pumps connected to a 50 Litredewar
  • Standard types are suitable for dewar models L 2025, L 2035 or L 2050 and on other models when equipped with a NW 50 flange
  • The equipment is compliant with EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

WORKING PRINCIPLE : The pressure inside the dewar is builtby heating a little liquid at the bottom. With only up to 150 mBar ofoverpressure, the liquid will softly riseout of the withdrawal pipe and enterthe fillinghose.Sincesomeliquidnitrogenevaporatesthere is no risk of humidity entering the vessel, as may happen with other manual systemsusing air from the environment.



Static evaporation rate 0.5 liters per day
Maxi working pressure Maxi 150 mBar
Reaction time 10-40 seconds (depending on the liquid level in the dewar)
Average flow rate 1.5 litre per minute
Power connection 115/230 V AC with power supply of 12 volt AC/DC
Power consumption Average 10 Watts, during pumping: 50 Watts
CRYO DIFFUSIONdewars L 2025 L 2035 L 2050
Capacity 25 litres 35 litres 50 litres
Dewar outside diameter (mm) 395 480 500
Total height (mm) 736 643 727
Weight (kg) empty/full 10/31 13 / 41 17 / 51
Suitable electrical pumps MP25/50- CP25/50 MP 35 MP25/50- CP25/50


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