Liquid Cylinder Medium and High Pressure for Gas Use



The medium and high pressure range of cryo cylinders includes an integrated Pressure Building Unit (PBU) and a vaporizer in order to deliver gas with high pressure. These “micro bulk” cryo cylinders are very convenient to replace high pressure gas cylinder packs, giving the operator a competitive advantage in terms of logistics and cost, and providing a huge storage capacity in a small cylinder volume with complete autonomy.


Model Number Volume Pressure Liquid Use Application
Cryovap 200 200 L 15 b LN2, LO2, LAr Static or Mobile image27
Cryocyl 230 120 L 24 b LN2, LO2, LAr, N2O Static or Mobile image28
Cryocyl 600 – Cryocyl 1000 600 L

1000 L

24 or 37 b LN2, LO2, LAr, N2O Static (without frame) or Mobile (with frame) image29
Cryocyl 2000 2000 L 3.9, 24 or 37  b LN2, LO2, LAr, N2O Static image30



Main applications:

  • Argon, Nitrogen in laboratory for Analytical processes
  • Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen for Laser cutting and welding
  • Nitrogen for Research centers
  • Oxygen for Hospitals and home care applications


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