Large Cryogenic Tank for Transport and Offshore

DNV 2.7-1 approved 10ft ISO container for Nitrogen service (5 to 24 bar). This is a well-established proven design, with fully removable bolt down vessel and operated internationally by all the major oilfield service companies and specialist tank leasing companies. Cryo Diffusion offshore tanks offer maximum storage capacity and a compact footprint, providing safe transportation and storage of liquid nitrogen for use on offshore platforms.

Cryopack ISO 10 Ft CRYOPACK ISO 10 Ft is a vacuum super-insulated on-frame tank designed for storage and transport of liquid nitrogen Cryopack10ft_t
Cryopack 800 GMP The Cryopack 800 is a vacuum super-insulated tank on frame designed for transport and storage of liquid nitrogen cryopack800t
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