Cryopack 800 GMP



Cryogenic container for transport and storage of liquid nitrogen

  • The Cryopack 800 is a vacuum super-insulated tank on frame designed for transport and storage of liquid nitrogen
  • It offers a choice of working pressure according to the application: 6 or 18 bar (different pressure available on request)
  • CRYO DIFFUSION tanks meet the increasing requirements of the gas industry and oil well services companies, with the best performances on the market
  • This cryogenic tank is primarily designed for the transport of liquid nitrogen to offshore oil rigs
  • The tank is capable of withstanding the most severe sea conditions. Moreover, this unit can be used for transport by road or rail

Certifications include the European Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road – ADR 6.7 and Det Norske Veritas – DNV 2.7.1.


  • Inner shell: Stainless steel
  • Outer shell: Painted carbon steel
  • Piping: Stainless steel
  • Framework: Painted carbon steel

Technical specifications

  • Design and Dimensions:


Flow Diagram:


PID could be adapted according to the customer request.


Total capacity (l) 3150
Working pressure (bar) 6 / 18*
Empty weight (kg) 3300
Full weight (kg) LN2 5725
Total height (mm) 2375
Width (mm) 2150
Lenght (mm) 2490
Evaporating rate % 0.8

* specifications for the considered pressure.

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