Cryopack ISO 10Ft


cryopackiso10_t Cryopack10ft_t

Cryogenic containers for oil well service companies

  • CRYOPACK ISO 10 Ft is a vacuum super-insulated on-frame tank designed for storage and transport of liquid nitrogen
  • These cryogenic tanks are primarily designed for the transport of liquid nitrogen to offshore platforms
  • The tanks are capable of withstanding the most severe sea conditions and are operating all over the world
  • These units can be used for transport by road, rail and sea and can be locked together as a 20 ft ISO equivalent unit
  • This equipment is CE marked and complies with the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive – TPED 10/35/UE

The Nitrogen tank is fully demountable for easier maintenance and repair and is bolted to the skid base of the tank. The roof is also bolted and is fully demountable.

Total capacity (l) 7900
Working pressure (bar) 6 to 24 bar
Empty weight (kg) 5000
Full weight (kg) LN2 11,160
Total height (mm) 2591
Width (mm)  2438
Length (mm) 2990
Evaporating rate % 0.5
Holding Time 25 days
Design Approvals EN12079/ASME/ADR/IMDG-5  RID/IMO/CSC/ISO/DNV2.7-1/GOST


Cryo Diffusion S.A.S - Capital €1.525.000 -, R.C. EVREUX 2000 B 00404 - SIRET 334 225 034 00019 - APE 2529 Z