Liquid Helium Products


Aluminium Helium tanks NMH Series Lightweight, compact configuration, low consumption and non magnetism. NMH_t
Helium Storage Tank Large Capacities MSB Series Known for their reliability, these vessels are perfectly suited to the requirements of nuclear research centers, different research laboratories, university centers, medical and biological applications. MSB_t
Helium Storage Tank Large Capacities CTH Series The CTH is a horizontal container mounted on a skid, used for transport  of liquid helium Heliumtransport_t
Vacuum insulated Line + Hoses for Lhe and LH2
Multi line & Valve Boxes for Lhe
Liquid Helium Tank Large Capacity MS Series Helium tanks, vertical and horizontal for storage of liquid helium MS 18000
Cryostat Tailor-made dewars for research. Cryo Diffusion manufactures Cryostats customized for customers’ needs Cryostat1_t
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