Helium Storage Tanks Large Capacities – MSB Series




Stainless steel cryocylinder to store, transport and handle Liquid Helium

Known for their reliability, these vessels are perfectly suited to the requirements of nuclear research centers, different research laboratories, university centers, medical and biological applications.

Building on CRYO DIFFUSION’s experience in very low temperature technology, the MSB Helium series combine:

  • Robustness: complete stainless steel construction
  • Performance: low heat loss due to amelioration in the multi-shields techniques and high level vacuum
  • Non-magnetic carbon rate for MRI services (Magnetic Resonance Imagery)
  • Wide range: capacities range from 30 to 5000 liters (other capacity available on request)
  • Comply with IATA regulation for air transport with the optional absolute safety pressure relief valve


Cryo Diffusion S.A.S - Capital €1.525.000 -, R.C. EVREUX 2000 B 00404 - SIRET 334 225 034 00019 - APE 2529 Z