Gas Cooler & Gas Generator



400 liters (other capacities on request).

The Cold Gas Generator (CGG) is a vacuum super-insulated vertical cryogenic tank, filled by liquid nitrogen and includes a heat exchanger to cool down and generate nitrogen gas up to 77 °Kelvin and 10 bar Incoming gas entering the CGG will be cooled by thermal exchange with liquid nitrogen contained inside the CGG and by mixing with cold nitrogen gas generated from its evaporation. This equipment is usually supplied a part of a complete installation, including temperature regulation for circulating gas to supply a test room to simulate a specific thermal environment and conditions. This equipment is especially useful for bench testing of satellites, which are tested under vacuum at cryogenic temperatures and conditions. According to the specific requirements (flow rate and the temperature that needs to be reached) this equipment can be used in different operating configurations (in parallel or in series).

Pressure Equipment Directive – PED 97/23/CE.


Technical Specification

Model 400 liters
Total height (mm) 2.460
Nominal inner height (mm) 1.413
Max inner height (for capacitive gauge) (mm) 1.700
External diameter (mm) 700
Maximal working pressure (bar) 10
Hydraulic test pressure (bar) 15,73
Total capacity (litres) 500
Useful capacity (liters) 400
Empty weight (kg) 380
Full weight of LN2 (kg) 703
Static evaporation rate (l/day) 10

Other sizes can be design up on request.




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